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26 March 2007


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Russ Pitts

Just wanted to clarify your post there. I was not recruited by Red 5 as part of their Golden Ticket program. I'm a journalist. Mark sent me one of his iPods so that i could review it - and write about it. I later interviewed him about the program, which I find quite fascinating but am not a part of in any way. I'm quite happy writing about the games, and feel no need to help make them. Although it would be awesome if my next employer sent me fabulous gifts of technology by way of recruitment. Yes, that'd be just swell.

Frederic Casagrande

Russ, thanks for that clarification. This program is something completely exceptionnal. And I'm pretty sure it has still been less expensive than just a normal recruitment campaign through an agency. What is your journalist point of view on that particular question?

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