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05 June 2008


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supplement naturel

vous avez parler des élus sans donner la durée de leurs mandat. est-ce c'est pas important?

multiple regression analysis

Most companies that have implemented ISO 9001 or similar systems report significant improvements in productivity due to an increase in customer satisfaction and reduction in field returns and internal failures. Effectively implemented quality systems help to define processes and develop discipline, which in turn, helps to “do things right the first time.” A published survey showed that companies that implemented a quality system for QS 9001 reduced failure rates by 40 percent and customer returns by 54 percent, reducing total cost of nonconformance by 53 percent.

Frédéric Casagrande

supplement naturel > Je n'ai pas donné la durée des mandats parce que j'ignore cette donnée, et non, je ne pense pas que ce soit important :)

multiple regression analysis > Your point being ?

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