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20 November 2008


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Section control is not active in Dubai? Who wrote this crap?

Frédéric Casagrande

Lars > I don't know who wrote this "crap", but at the time I posted this, the threat seemed serious enough to warrant letting people know "something" was happening.

As far as I know few things changed since then, and most information you'll find about these is pure speculation. Only known facts I have gathered are:
- They DO flash when they catch you
- They don't alert on radar detectors (K, KA or any other radar/laser band), at least not until they catch you (POP mode)
- As for the section tracking, I'm not sure, since there are no multiple radar antennas (to track multi-cars across the lanes), and even then, these radars are still not capable of snapping shots of multiple speeding vehicles across two lanes, as such they still can't track your speed, unless of course you're the only one on the road at a given point.

I know you're commenting on several blogs about this subject, and I will be happy to edit my post if you have some facts :)


the tracking btw cameras is utter nonsense. what if theres a lot of traffic btw 2 cameras? stop tryin to scare us with stupid fiction!

dont know if anyone noticed but one side of the camera has an orange lens and the other side has a colorless glass lens and a flash.

as far as i know the orange side doesnt flash, the colorless lens side flashes. iv got 2 fines and they both were from the colorless side and both times they flashed.

once i'm sure i was well over the speed limit at least by 40kmph wen i suddenly saw an orange sided camera. i knew it was too late to slow down. but it didnt flash. and i checked the next day and i DIDNT get a fine. weird..


(i'm the same poster as above)
heres a little note for all : for those who didn't already know, ALL cameras in dubai let you go 20 kmph above the speed limit before flashing. meaning if the speed limit is 100, you can go at 120 and the cameras dont do sh*t to u.


jumeriah beach road: speed limit 70, camera flashes above 80. only 10kmph more.

airport tunnel: speed limit 80, camera flashes above 85 - 87.

i see about 99% of the ppl in airport tunnel stick at 80 THROUGHOUT the tunnel. people, there is ONE and only ONE camera in there thats flashes if u speed. the others are incapable of speed tracking and are kept there to see accidents and for the big guy above to type in "airport tunnel is conjested" or "accident in airport tunnel"

yea so wen i say i was goin 40 above, it was in business bay. speed limit is 100, i.e.120 i was goin at 160. no flash no fine. now im wondering if it was that camera's fault or the orange side of the camera doesnt actually work. maybe only the colorless lens side works? anyway, will report back later!

so remember kids, 60 means 79, 80 means 99, 100 means 119 :D (you can go at a perfect 80, 100 or 120 but thats not safe. hey you know what else isnt safe? speeding)


You are wrong!!

All RADAR Cameras worked well under some limited distance and weather condition, and if you speed up to the next RADAR the surprise is it is catching other side of the road, but there will be a mobile camera in between instead!!
only Thermal Cameras is nowadays warning to all motorist!!

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